Organisation Profile
We are a globally-minded organisation with operations in the UAE, Australia, United Kingdom and India.

Our global growth story began in 2007.

Modern where it counts; traditional where it matters.

At our core lies an inherent desire to reduce sadness and deprivation, and increase global happiness and prosperity.

Brighter things. Our dedicated approach to achieving our philanthropic goals begins with delivering end-to-end services that deserve your support.

Future direction
From sweet beginnings to a global growth strategy.


Desinex was founded in 2005 by CEO, Jigar Patel (2005 - present), while the development of our brand, identity and strategy began during the mid-90s. Desinex is the culmination of years' worth of young and innovative thinking without boundaries, that met with unrelenting desire, passion and dedication to create something exceptional.

It was in 2007 when our global growth story began, when Desinex Investments was launched in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with an initial starting capital of AED 3.1m.

In 2008, we launched Desinex World Trade - our international trading arm - while Desinex Investments grew beyond the UAE to Australia, commencing initial operations in that region with a starting capital of AU $1m. We continued to forge new alliances with key associates and partners in both the UAE and Australia, helping to facilitate new investment opportunities through our growing, international clientele.

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